[ArduinoEthernetLibraryIPv6] ChatServer W6100

[ArduinoEthernetLibraryIPv6] ChatServer

Original tutorial ChatServer on Arduino Homepage.

Open Arduino IDE

Run Arduino IDE and Open “ChatServer.ino” sketch.

Set Network Information

Set your IPv6 Network information.

  • mac

    MAC Address

  • ip6_lla

    Link Local Address

  • ip6_gua

    Global Unicast Address

  • ip6_sn6

    Subnet Mask IPv6 Address

  • ip6_gw6

    Gate Way IPv6 Address

  • ip6_dns6

    Link Local Address


Upload ChatServer sketch.

Serial Monitor

Open serial monitor and you’ll be able to see the your network information.


Run TCP Client like ScriptCommunicator.

ScriptCommunicator - Setting

The ChatServer is TCP application.

Set ChatServer’s LLA or GUA as destination address and port as destination port.

ScriptCommunicator - Connect

Connect to ChatServer.

ScriptCommunicator - Send

Send a message to ChatServer.

The ChatServer will return your message including string “Hello, client!”.

Serial Monitor - Result


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